Research Assistant of Corporate Finance & Asset Management 8-10k
上海 一年以下 統招本科
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職責描述: - Support analysts and/or associates in execution of various assignments; - Collect, synthesize and analyze data and information; - Update and maintain financial and valuation models; - Assist in preparing presentations to clients; - Draft reports/notes on relevant investment themes and events; - Other ad hoc tasks as required to support team members 任職要求: - Strong academic background with an undergraduate degree in finance, accounting, law, math/statistics or a post graduate degree in relevant subjects - 1-2 years of relevant experience preferred; - Strong quantitative and analytical skills; - Proficiency in spreadsheet modeling and producing presentations; - Strong communication skills with the ability to clearly and precisely present ideas in both written and verbal format, in Chinese as well as English; - Strong teamwork initiative, enthusiasm and motivation, detailed oriented; - Strong capability of multi-tasking and prioritizing assignments/projects


Fontainburg Aviation Capital (“FAC”) is a leading Alternative Asset Manager specialized in the asset class of commercial jet aircraft. It was founded by Fontainburg Group in 2012. FAC and its team of dedicated and experienced international professionals offer customized investment opportunities and solutions to their investors and clientele with extensive experience in aviation finance, aircraft leasing, international finance, investment banking and capital markets. FAC has successfully initiated, structured, and founded the China’s first offshore aviation equity investment fund, investing globally in aviation asset with a target of AUM over US$ billions. FAC also offers independent Aviation Asset Management and Advisory Services for airlines and lessors to support their growth and success. Fontainburg Group, founded in 1998, is a Greater China-focused investment banking boutique, owned and managed by a team of experienced professionals with in-depth knowledge, rich experience and domain expertise in both international and Chinese markets. At Fontainburg, our most important asset is our people. We are committed to building a world-class international professional team and providing team members with a work environment which is characterized by creativeness, integrity, teamwork, and continuous learning. Using this platform, we create opportunities and allow each team member to demonstrate their leadership abilities within their areas of expertise, while at the same time allowing them to expand their knowledge base and grow professionally. Further information about Fontainburg is available at


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